• As a former prosecutor at the Lane County District Attorney's Office, Ryan has a unique understanding of criminal law and procedure.
  • Ryan understands the high burden of proof necessary for each element of a criminal charge, Ryan is in a unique position to attack individual elements of any criminal charge.
  • Ryan handles cases involving many criminal charges but focuses primarily on DUII, possession of a controlled substance, driving offences, motions to suppress evidence, and all misdemeanors.

Ryan Baker represented me on a gun charge. I was so worried about going to jail and what the consequences of a gun conviction could be on my life going forward. Mr. Baker identified possible suppression of evidence issues and legal technicalities I could use to fight the charge. Ryan Baker was very clear in explaining these legal intricacies with me, and I understood the strengths and weaknesses of my case before negotiating with the prosecutor.In the end, Mr Baker negotiated a diversion for me. I didn't have to go to jail and I won't have to deal with a criminal conviction going forward. I highly recommend Ryan

Baker as a skilled and knowledgeable attorney who gets results. 

– J.O.

Mr. Baker represented me on a probation violation on my DUI. I’m someone who stays out of trouble and the idea of being sent to jail caused me a lot of anxiety. Mr. Baker was clear with me about what my options were and gave me advice about what to do to help myself before the hearing. In the end, Mr. Baker negotiated a dismissal of my probation violation. I would recommend Mr. Baker to anyone facing a criminal charge. 


I got a DUII and Ryan Baker helped me. I went into the diversion program and had a couple of issues in it. Ryan Baker is very knowledgeable in DUI law. He gave me great advice throughout my diversion period, which helped me avoid any worse legal entanglements. I finished the diversion requirements and my criminal case was dismissed. Highly recommend!

 - J.L.

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